• Physics Universe‐General Scientific laws‐Scientific instruments‐Inventions and discoveries‐National scientific laboratories‐Science glossary‐Mechanics and properties of matter‐Physical quantities, standards and units‐ Electricity and Magnetism, ‐Heat, light and sound‐Atomic and nuclear physics
  • Social Work – Definition and Meaning, Basic Concepts – Social Service, Social Development, Social Change, Social Welfare and Social Security; Historical background of Social Work in India, Contributions of Mahatma Gandhi to Constructive Social Work, Social Reform Movements, Social Work Profession – Definition and Meaning; Philosophy - Values, Beliefs and Principals, Goals and Functions. Methods of Social Work- Case Work, Group Work, Community Organisation and Social Action, Social Work Research and Statistics, Social Work Administration.
  • Introduction to tourism- Meaning and Scope, Concept ,Components, and types of Tourism – Emerging trends- Evolution of Tourism in India- Ministry of TourismGovernment of India - Department of Tourism – Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Seafloor spreading – Plate tectonics - Volcanoes and earthquakes - Effects and causes – Seismic zonation of India. Landforms - their types and developments - Classification