• Group VIII Services EXECUTIVE OFFICER GRADE – IV IN HR & CE DEPARTMENT Main Examination General Studies – S.S.L.C standard Topics for Objective type UNIT – I ‐ General science : Physics ‐ Nature of Universe ‐ General Scientific laws ‐ Inventions and discoveries ‐ National scientific laboratories ‐ Mechanics and properties of matter ‐ Physical quantities, standards and units ‐ Force, motion and energy ‐ Magnetism, electricity and electronics ‐ Heat, light and sound Chemistry ‐ Elements and Compounds ‐ Acids, bases and salts ‐ Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides Botany ‐ Main Concepts of life science ‐ Classification of living organism ‐ Nutrition and dietetics ‐Respiration Zoology ‐ Blood and blood circulation ‐ Reproductive system ‐ Environment, ecology, health and hygiene ‐ Human diseases, prevention and remedies ‐ Animals, plants and human life UNIT ‐ II Current Events History ‐ Latest diary of events‐nationa
  • Physics ‐ Universe ‐ General Scientific laws ‐ Scientific instruments ‐ Inventions and discoveries‐National scientific laboratories‐Science glossary‐Mechanics and properties of matter‐Physical quantities, standards and units‐Force, motion and energy‐ electricity and Magnetism ‐ electronics & communications ‐ Heat, light and sound‐Atomic and nuclear physics‐Solid State Physics‐Spectroscopy – Geophysics ‐ Astronomy and space science
  • Introduction to Computers – Classification of Computers – Types of Computers – Basic Operations of a Computer – Hardware – Software, Application and System Software – Data Representation, BCD (Binary Coded Decimal), Alphanumeric Codes – Computer Languages.
  • Unit I: Fibre Identification and Blend analysis i) Textile fibre Classification. ii) Fine, gross structure and properties of fibres iii) Microscopic, physical and chemical test methods for fibre identification; blend analysis iv) Morphology characterization – Density, XRD, Electron microscopy v) Thermal characterization methods - DSC, DMA / TMA, TGA
  • The Tamil Nadu City Police Act, 1888. 2. Tamil Nadu Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug- Offenders, ForestOffenders, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders, Sand Offenders, Sexual Offenders, Slum-Grabbers, And Video Pirates, Act, 1982 (TN Act 14 Of 1982) As Amended / Modified As Of Acts 19 & 20 Of 2014