Post of Assistant Editor in the Tamil Nadu Archives and Historical Research
                                    Department in the Tamil Nadu Ministerial Service
                                         Journalism (P.G. Standard) - Syllabus
                                              UNIT - I (History of Journalism)
History of Printing and Journalism in India - First Printed Book in Tamil in India,
Thambiran Vanakkam; Zigenbalg's Printing Activities in Tarangambadi; James
Augustus Hicky's Bengal Gazette and the Role of Press in Freedom Struggle – The
Press in India after Independence – Press in Tamil Nadu after Independence.
                                                      UNIT - II (News)
Definitions of News - News Values - Proximity, Topicality, Un-usualness etc.; News
Sources – News Source Credibility – News Room Organization – Difference between
Editorial and Advertising Content - Types of News Content - News Story, Background
Story, News Analysis, News Column and Editorial.
                                            UNIT - III (News Reporting)
News Reporting Skills - Nose for News - News Beats - Facts vs Comments - Objectivity
vs Subjectivity – Beat Reporting – Crime, Sports, Legislative, Sports, etc., - New Media
Reporting – Ethical Reporting Practices.

                                   UNIT - IV (News Writing and Editing)
News Writing and Editing Skills - Types of News Writing Compositions - Inverted
Pyramid Style - Types of Leads - Proof Reading - Rewriting Skills - News Selection
Processes - Theory of Gate keeping - Ethical Conflicts in News Selection - Ownership
Bias vs Audience Bias – Types of Headlines – Style Sheet – Key Tasks of News Editor
– Key Tasks and Sub-Editors.
                                       UNIT - V (Media and Society)
Characteristics of Print, Radio, Television, Film and Folk Media – Characteristics of
Mass Communication and Human Communication – Shannon and Weaver Model –
Lasswell’s Model – Spiral of Silence Theory and Agenda Setting Theory – Four
Theories of the Press. 

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