TNPSC சிறப்பு பகுதி

                                                                  General Studies- Degree Standard 
                                                                          (Topics for Objective type )
Unit­I General science :
Physics Universe‐General Scientific laws‐Scientific instruments‐Inventions and
discoveries‐National scientific laboratories‐Science glossary‐Mechanics and
properties of matter‐Physical quantities, standards and units‐
Electricity and Magnetism, ‐Heat, light and sound‐Atomic and nuclear physics
Chemistry Elements and Compounds‐Acids, bases and salts‐Oxidation and
reduction‐Chemistry of ores and metals‐Carbon, nitrogen and their compounds‐
Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides
Botany­Main Concepts of life science‐The cell‐basic unit of life‐Classification of
living organism‐Nutrition and dietetics‐Respiration
Zoology­Blood and blood circulation‐Endocrine system‐Reproductive system‐
Genetics the science of heredity‐Environment, ecology, health and hygiene, Bio‐
diversity and its conservation‐Human diseases‐Communicable diseases and non‐
communicable diseases‐ prevention and remedies

Unit­ II. Current Events
History­­Latest diary of events – National ‐National symbols‐Profile of States‐
Eminent persons & places in news‐Sports & games‐Books & authors ‐Awards &
honours‐ Latest historical events‐‐ India and its neighbours‐Appointments‐who
is who?
Political Science­ Problems in conduct of public elections‐ Political parties and
political system in India‐ Public awareness & General administration‐ Role of
Voluntary organizations & Govt.,‐ Welfare oriented govt. schemes, their utility
Geography Geographical landmarks‐Policy on environment and ecology
Economics­­Current socio‐economic problems‐New economic policy & govt.
Science­Latest inventions on science & technology‐Latest discoveries in Health
Science‐Mass media & communication 

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